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Brandielee Baker ("Lee") is the founder of Positive Constructs LLC, the co-founder of The Code 9 Project and the creator of the nationally accredited, Code 9 S.H.A.R.E programs. She is a: licensed master practitioner of NLP, certified social and emotional intelligence coach, certified motivational coach, certified life coach, certified master weight loss coach, certified yoga and wellness instructor.

She has over twenty years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Lee has worked in many facets of this industry including: wellness practitioner, first responder, surgeons assist, teacher/counselor, executive manager, business developer, high performance athlete as well as trainer, coach and mentor to both professional and amateur athletes.

Lee's holistic combination of NLP, mindfulness psychology and wellness is highly effective and results oriented. She is committed to providing her clients with the ability to simplify the thoughts in their minds in order to achieve the perceived "unimaginable" in their lives. Lee also teaches even the most "complex" businesses how to put the "fun back into function".

Lee is also committed to providing advocacy and outreach through her nonprofit, The Code 9 Project. The Code 9 Project provides education and training for First Responders and their families for the prevention of PTSD and suicide in the First Responder population.

In Lee's mastery of her own life she is a: business founder, consultant, public speaker, advisor, coach, martial artist, acrobat, yogi, triathlete, vegan, writer, musician, traveler, humanitarian and her list continues to expand...

"I am passionate about helping individuals make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. I lead by example and provide viable solutions and strategies for success. Motivation abounds at Positive Constructs. So, if you are truly looking to make positive changes that stick, then you have found the right place."

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