WHY Project Vulnerability - Lee and Heather share their why...

Project Vulnerability - Programs for Women to Explore Community, Collaboration and Confidence.

Women's Strength Immersive - 3 Hour immersive class combining Women's strength training with a workshop catered to finding your voice and inner strength.

Thrive – Hike and Climb Retreat – 3 Day Adventure Retreat. Explore your individual strength with the support of a strong community through hiking, rock climbing and connecting with nature. Our mission is to foster; healthy minds, open hearts and a strong community of women supporting one another.

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Code 9 Project

Lee is the cofounder of the national nonprofit, The Code 9 Project.

The Code 9 Project is a national organization dedicated to providing: support, education and viable self- help resources to all First Responders and Family members through the medium of film and workshops. The Code 9 Project also serves as a bridge between First Responders and their communities by providing; outreach, education and community building.

Lee is the creator and developer of the Code 9 S.H.A.R.E programs and S.H.A.R.E training. S.H.A.R.E stands for Self-Help and Responsive Education. These are nationally accredited stress education programs for law enforcement and first responder personnel. Presently she has completed four national programs; Command Staff, First Responder, Family and Intro to Peer Support. There are two more programs slated for release in early 2018. Lee and the Code 9 Team travel an average of two times a month delivering training to Police Departments and EMS agencies throughout the United States.

For more information or to learn more about the Code 9 Project, please contact code9project.org

S.H.A.R.E. Movement Series

Lee is the creator of the S.H.A.R.E. Movement for Stress Reduction Series. This is a physical movement series for stress reduction in the First Responder Community. For more information and to learn more, go to code9project.org

Movement/Wellness Through Action

Lee has dedicated her social media pages and Positiveconstructs YouTube Channel to inspiring positive change and wellness through action. She shares many of her own wellness pursuits and experiences.

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