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Heather G. Grass Roots Fitness Project

Heather G.

Founder, Grass Roots Healing Project

I first met Lee the week of the Sandy Hook

First met Lee the week of the Sandy Hook school shootings. My mother is a teacher at the school and I felt the need to help. My calling was to open a healing center that would cater to all the many ways one can heal. I met many during that time, but Lee and I connected from Day 1. Without knowing it, she was my guardian angel and helped to navigate me through a lot...

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CPT Brown


SHARE Movement and Stress Reduction

CPT Brown talks about the SHARE Movement and Stress Reduction Workshop held on 8/28/15 at FSUPD

Andrew R. The United Nations

Andrew R.

UN Development Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative at United Nations

Lee is a life-changer.

I have benefited more from the 5-6 sessions I've had with her than from 5 years of standard psychotherapy. Her holistic, intuitive approach is incredibly effective in terms of creating "ah ha" moments of self-awareness and reflection. She also has incredible integrity and manages to combine directness with a gentle way of conveying hard truths. In other words, she is a true expert at combining power with love. Thank you Lee!!


Laura P.

NYC Bureau Chief, USA Today

Lee Baker has an incredibly sharp mind...

Lee Baker has an incredibly sharp mind and a wonderfully warm heart. She is an organized, intellectual thinker who can help strategize solid solutions for the toughest of professional issues, as well as provide extremely useful advice on personal topics. She is a skilled communications coach who can help prepare a professional to confidently speak in front of audiences of five people, to 500 or more. It truly is a pleasure to know Lee.

CPT Corporal FSUPD

FSUPD Corporal


SHARE Movement and Stress Reduction

FSU Police Department corporal shares some thoughts about his participation in the Code 9 SHARE Movement and Stress Reduction Workshop held at FSUPD on August 28, 2015.

Gregory S. Wells Fargo

Gregory S.

Private Mortgage Banker at Wells Fargo

...simple, caring and very direct way...

Lee has opened doors for me that I didn't know existed. Her very simple, caring and very direct way of looking at situations allows her clients to explore avenues, solve problems and experience life in ways that are not taught in school or parents. Lee is a Life changer.

Heather M. Samlyn Capital

Heather M.

Compliance Officer at Samlyn Capital, LLC

...she teaches you how to change patterns of thinking...

Lee provided invaluable guidance and support for me throughout a very challenging few years of my life. She provides the most unique and personalized life assistance I have ever experienced: she helps you to understand and then to navigate your conscious and sub conscious levels of existing so that you can literally begin to help yourself. Lee keeps you accountable to yourself - she teaches you how to change patterns of thinking and behavior that obstruct us from achieving what we want and healing what we want to heal. Lee is an amazing counselor and I have referred many of my friends to her, all of whom have told me how helpful they found Positive Constructs to be. I still hear Lee's voice in my head today, encouraging and guiding me months and years after counseling, no better testament than that as to Lee's ability to help her clients throughout their lives.

Renee G Sound Capital

Renée G.

Head of CLO Structuring at Sound Point Capital

...she genuinely cares for her clients' overall well being.

Lee has been an invaluable resource in my personal and professional growth over the past three years. Lee's attentive nature and astute observations help shape the invaluable guidance and recommendations she provides, further underscoring her keen awareness and understanding of her clients' and their individualized needs. It is abundantly clear that she genuinely cares for her clients' overall well being -- I highly recommend her!