I first met Lee the week of the Sandy Hook School shootings...

As one of Lee's clients and fellow wellness professional/business owner, I have a unique perspective.

First met Lee the week of the Sandy Hook school shootings. My mother is a teacher at the school and I felt the need to help. My calling was to open a healing center that would cater to all the many ways one can heal. I met many during that time, but Lee and I connected from Day 1. Without knowing it, she was my guardian angel and helped to navigate me through a lot.

Lee, worked very hard over the 12 days we were open and it was then that I started to see the power of NLP. Severely traumatized people would come in requesting her. On one afternoon Lee sat me down and told me that when we got back to NYC and I was ready, she would be there for me.

It took me awhile to get there, but I finally made the call. Having come from a lifetime of working with therapists, and recently working with a couples therapist, I was willing and hopeful, but honestly not expecting anywhere near the progress that I have experienced.

In traditional therapy It felt good to vent to someone, but I never felt like I was getting anything back.

In couples therapy it was nice to have a mediator and to feel validated in your argument, but the issues always came back when faced with them outside the office. My husband and I are working individually with Lee and I am amazed at how our "couple issues" have stopped being a cyclical occurrence, that I would often wait for. When people ask me what Lee is about, I usually say, "you know how you have that one thing inside you that you don't want anyone to see, but secretly want someone to acknowledge it so you can be rid of it?Lee can see right to the heart of those fears that we hide so deeply". She helps you to see that what we are afraid of is not so scary, but the act of tapping into it is what really scares us.

Every session with Lee is productive and because she's working with the language you use, you quickly see how your own story, is just that, a story. Made up of defense mechanisms and tactics to navigate our earlier years. Recognition in of itself is powerful, but with Lee's guidance you will start to write a new story. The story you have been waiting and wanting to live.

I'm not going to lie. It's work. Work that is scary, sad, funny, liberating, exhilarating, empowering and above all, imperative to finding your true self. I give her as a gift, whenever anyone one is willing to receive.